Why Your Water Heater Output Is Low

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

A water heater is only as good as the amount of hot water it can supply on demand. If the system can’t supply hot water, there really isn’t a point to it, is there? So when your water heater’s output is dropping it’s a pretty big issue. There are a number of different reasons why this might be happening. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons below.

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Problems that Lead to Water Heater Replacement

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Water heaters are incredibly sturdy systems, which makes sense considering the amount of wear and tear that they are placed under. With regular maintenance and prompt repairs, your water heater could easily last over two decades. However, there are certain water heater problems that can destroy the system quickly if you’re not careful. You should keep an eye out for these problems, so that you can get them repaired as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous water heater problems you could face.

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How to Make Your Water Heater Last as Long as Possible

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Water heaters are built to last quite a long time. They have to be, in order to deal with the massive strain that accompanies providing hot water at a moment’s notice. However, if you want to have your water heater last as long as possible you need to take certain steps. Let’s take a look at those steps right now.

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Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances that you own. Don’t believe us? Think about how many times a day you use hot water. If you’re anything like the rest of the country, you probably use hot water at least 3–5 times a day. Every time you do, you’re relying on your water heater to provide you with the hot water you need. That makes choosing the right water heater for you a pretty important decision. Let’s take a look at your options for water heaters, and the pros and cons of each.

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Common Water Heater Issues You Should Know About

Monday, October 12th, 2015

As we’ve already discussed on this blog, water heaters are designed to be very sturdy systems. They are subjected to a pretty incredible amount of stress over years of normal use, and they are designed to handle that. However, that does not mean that they are perfect systems. Problems can still crop up from time to time, and it’s important that you know the signs that your water heater is experiencing one of these problems. Read on for some of the more common problems, and their symptoms.

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Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Replace Your Old Water Heater

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Water heaters can last a very long time, especially if they’re well cared for. Just because they can last that long, though, doesn’t mean that they should. Believe it or not, there comes a point where keeping an old water heater running past its prime is just more expensive than replacing it would be. Let’s take a look at why you might want to replace your water heater, even if it hasn’t broken down yet.

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Problems That Require Water Heater Replacement

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Any time you notice an issue with your water heater, you should call for repairs immediately. This is to avoid any additional damage that might come from allowing the problem to develop further. By the time you notice some of these problems, however, it’s probably too late to save the system. In that case, the best thing you can do is replace the water heater. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that necessitate water heater replacement.

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What We Do During a Water Heater Maintenance Appointment

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

We’ve spoken about the necessity of water heater maintenance before, and how it can extend the effective life of your water heater by a sizeable number of years. What we haven’t really gone into is what actually occurs during a water heater maintenance appointment. The more you know about what actually happens during a water heater maintenance appointment, the better you’ll be able to understand why it is so beneficial to your water heater. So, let’s take a look at some of the specific water heater maintenance procedures that we go through during an appointment.

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Why Annual Water Heater Maintenance is Important

Monday, June 15th, 2015

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your water heater. That’s okay, not may people do. However, you should know that your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. You may not use your heater or air conditioner every day, but you almost certainly use hot water on a regular basis. All that use produces a lot of wear and tear, along with other problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. That’s why it’s so important that you have water heater maintenance conducted on an annual basis. Let’s take a look at what happens during a water heater maintenance appointment.

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