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Water Softener Installation in Albany, NY by Rooter Man

Hard water is one of the problems with water quality that often affects homes in the Albany, NY area. The term “hard water” refers to water with a high mineral content, mostly minerals that contain large amounts of magnesium and calcium. These minerals can infiltrate the municipal water supply from the ground, where water percolates through minerals such as limestone, chalk, and dolomite that are filled with magnesium and calcium. Hard water can spell serious trouble for a home’s plumbing, and if you suspect that hard water is flowing through your home’s pipes, the best solution is to have a whole-house water softener installed.

What’s the best way to receive a water softener that fits your needs? Call Rooter Man. We have many years of experience installing water treatment systems, in particular the water softeners that counteract the minerals in hard water. Let our team test your water and come up with the best solution for providing the highest quality indoor water supply so that your plumbing lasts for years without serious problems.

The experienced water treatment professionals at Rooter Man offer quality installation for water softeners in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need to Prevent Hard Water in Your Home

First off, you should know that hard water is generally not hazardous for humans to consume, although it may add an unpleasant taste to a home’s water. The reason that you should be concerned about hard water is that it has a destructive effect on plumbing because of the amount of limescale it leaves inside pipes, fixtures, and even along cooking ware.

Limescale deposits inside pipes will continue to build up until they squeeze down the available volume. When this happens, water pressure will begin to spike, a situation that will trigger leaking throughout the plumbing and damage to appliances hooked to the pipes. Limescale is also bad news for water heaters, and can lead to them starting to overheat as the scale begins to line the interior of the pipe. Hard water will create trouble for daily cleaning tasks as well, since it is difficult to work up decent soap lather in mineral–rich water.

How a Water Softener System Works

A water treatment professional, once he or she has determined that a home has hard water, attaches a water softener onto the plumbing system close to where the water enters the home from the municipal supply. The location must also be able to access electricity and an area for drainage. The choices involved in placement are one of the reasons that you must leave installation to experienced technicians. The water that enters the softener system goes through a process of mineral exchange. The water runs through zeolite minerals that hold positively charged ions, creating a chemical reaction that swaps sodium ions for the calcium and magnesium ions responsible for hard water. The water is therefore "softened."

In order for a water softener to continue to do its job, the zeolite minerals must receive regular recharging by soaking them in a salt solution. You should schedule this service routinely with professionals.

Call Us for Water Softener Installation

Mineral exchange isn’t the only method to soften water, although it is the most common. To make sure that you receive the right type and size of water softener system for your home’s needs, call Rooter Man and let our specialists take over for water softener installation. They will make sure that your home receives water that is safe for its plumbing—and lets you work up a good soap lather in the shower as well.

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