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The water that enters your home through the municipal fresh water system is not always purely “fresh.” It can contain minerals, chemicals, and bacteria that infiltrate through the ground water into the pipes. Although some of these pollutants are harmless, many others can lead to health complications. Others will cause your water to taste bad or emit unpleasant odors. Many will create complications within your plumbing that will lead to expensive repair issues.

At Rooter Man, we have the equipment and training to help you deal with issues in your home’s water. We install and service water treatment systems, such as filtration devices and water softeners, which will see that your home and family receive only the highest quality water. You can trust our technicians to determine what is in your water and then pick the treatment system to counteract it. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

The professionals at Rooter Man provide installation, repair, and maintenance for a variety of water treatment systems in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

Signs You Need Water Treatment System Installation

Many different problems can affect your home’s water, and they will create warning signs that they are occurring. Here are a two to watch for:

  • Flaky deposits on plumbing fixtures: These whitish deposits on fixtures, such as around faucets, usually indicate trouble from hard water, which is water with a large amount of minerals suspended in it. Hard water will also cause difficulty creating soap lather and leave filmy deposits along shower and tub surfaces. Call for water testing to see if you need a water softener.
  • The water tastes or smells bad: There are a number of different reasons for water to develop unpleasant tastes or odors. Sulfurous oxide can lead to a rotten egg smell. Too many minerals will make the water taste metallic. Other unsavory tastes and scents may come from bacteria and chemicals such as pesticides. Water testing is important to discover the source and a solution.

Contact Us for Services for Water Treatments Systems

When you suspect the water in your home is not optimal, the first step is to call Rooter Man and arrange for our specialists to test your home’s water and discover the specific causes of the problems. Our specialists will then recommend a water treatment system that will provide you with clean, fresh water that won’t harm your plumbing.

We install a wide variety of water treatment systems to counteract most problems that may occur. And once your treatment system is in place, you can depend on our expertise to keep it working for you with necessary repair work and routine maintenance. You don’t have to suffer from poor quality water or throw away money on bottled water. Call us for help with water treatment systems.

Water Testing

The first stage of installing a water treatment system is to find out what type a home needs. To do this, we perform water testing, taking samples of the water from around the house and then having a lab analyze these samples to discover the specific contamination issues. With our help, we will know exactly what is wrong with your residential water supply—and also how to fix it.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filters catch contaminating particles that try to slip into your home through the water main. With proper water testing, we can pick a filtration system that will target the pollutants that are harming your water.

Water Softener System Services

Hard water is one of the most frequent troubles that can affect the residential water supply. Although these magnesium and calcium minerals are rarely harmful to drink, they can severely damage plumbing and lead to numerous repairs. We can fit your home with a water softener to eliminate this problem. We also install and repair water softeners.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

When you need finer filtration than a standard water filter can provide, you can depend on us to install a reverse osmosis system for your home. These water treatment systems use different regions of pressure to force water through a permeable membrane that can remove almost all contaminating particles. Call us to find out more.

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