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At Rooter Man, we offer a number of sewer services that are designed to ensure that your home has exactly what it needs for the safe, effective and efficient disposal of wastewater out of the home and into the septic tank. As you may know already, your wastewater system relies on gravity, along with some careful design and ventilation, to move the wastewater through the various drains and sewer line. Because it is not pressurized, certain circumstances of the layout of your home and property may require a little bit of assistance. That’s where our sewage pump services come in.

There are various types of sewage pumps available for use in the home, and finding the right one is essential to making sure that your home remains functional in terms of the plumbing system. Considering how much you rely on your wastewater disposal system for cooking, bathing and cleaning, ensuring its effective operation is incredibly important. Let us make sure that your home smells good and remains hygienic for the entire family. We are your go-to plumber for sewage pump system services, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Rooter Man provides sewage pump services in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

What is a Sewage Pump?

Your septic tank breaks down your wastewater into two basic substances: effluent or gray water and the solid waste or sludge that sits at the bottom of the tank. It does so in order to send the gray water to the drain field where it can be safely dispersed into the soil. But in order to function adequately, a sewage pump is needed that will provide the power necessary to send the effluent to that location. Your sewage pump is therefore also known as an effluent pump. There is also something called an ejector pump, which is installed frequently in basement bathrooms. This provides you with the power to send wastewater to the sewer system from low property locations.

Sewage Pump Installation and Replacement

It’s incredibly important that your sewage pump—whatever make or model it may be—is properly installed so that you can count on its operation on a daily basis. We can make sure that yours is fully integrated into your home’s plumbing system or septic tank as the case may be. Our sewage pump installation service is always available, and we’re eager to make sure that your home is hygienic and healthy. We can also replace your existing pump if it’s not working correctly.

Sewage Pump Repair and Maintenance

Do you suspect that your sewage pump is not working just as it should? Just let us know. We offer exceptional sewage pump repair services throughout the Albany area, and no job is too large or small for our team of experts. Whether your sewage ejector pump has broken down completely, or you’re merely concerned about your effluent pump, we can provide you with a rapid solution. If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness and reliability of your sewage pump, then perhaps routine maintenance is the best way to go. Call Rooter Man today to learn more about our sewage pump services.

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