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Homeowners today have justifiable concerns about the quality of the water that enters their homes through the municipal fresh water system. If you have noticed a strange, unpleasant taste or smell coming from your home’s water, you should look into ways to improve it right away. A whole-house water filtration system may be the best and most cost-effective way to ensure you receive quality water from your taps, both to benefit the health of your household and to protect its plumbing.

How do you get started with finding water filtration for your home? It’s easy: call our experts at Rooter Man. We specialize in water treatment systems for homes in the greater Albany area. After we perform water testing to see what problems are present in your water supply, we will locate the correct filtration system and install it onto your plumbing. You can also rely on us for the services necessary to keep your water filtration system working for years to come.

The water treatment specialists at Rooter Man offer services for whole house water filtration systems in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

The Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

Point–of–use water filters installed onto a single faucet are the most common type of filtration system. But these do not provide full protection for your family or plumbing; they only benefit the drinking water at that single faucet. Since you are probably concerned about the condition of the water throughout your house, a better choice is to contact professionals to install a whole–house water filtration system.

One type of whole–house filtration system is the absorption filter, which runs the water through a medium—often a charcoal filter—that absorbs contaminants from it. These filters are effective against solid particle contaminants and chlorine, although there are other types of waterborne pollutants they will not effect, so make sure you have professionals take care of water testing so you know if this type of filter will do the job necessary.

Another type of whole–house filtration system is the reverse osmosis filter. These devices create two different areas of pressure to force the low–quality water through a semi–permeable membrane that catches almost all contaminants. Although they are more expensive than absorption filters, reverse osmosis systems are extremely effective at removing smaller particles.

Contact Us for Whole House Water Filter Services

You do not want to rely on expensive bottled water that clogs up landfills for your clean water. There is a better way to have high quality water that affects your whole home: every tap and every appliance. Call on Rooter Man and ask us about our services for water filtration installation. After thorough testing to see what issues are affecting your water supply, we will locate the right type of whole–house filter to install that will target the specific problems.

You must rely only on professionals to handle the installation. Not only will they find the right filtration system for your home, but they will ensure that it fits into your plumbing without creating blockages or leaks.

Get started today with better water for tomorrow: call our water treatment specialists. We offer a wide range of products as well as the services that will keep them working at top level for many years.

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