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Water filtration systems for homes are becoming more common as methods to protect against contaminants that can infiltrate the municipal water supply. If you notice odd smells coming from your water or detect unpleasant tastes in it, you should contact water treatment specialists right away to investigate and find out if you need a whole-house filtration system installed.

There are many types of water filters, such as absorption filters, and each is designed to target different kinds of waterborne pollutants. Among the many water treatments available, one of the most effective is reverse osmosis water filtration. These systems have long been used for industrial and commercial purposes (they are essential for desalination plants, and even the maple syrup industry requires them) but they now provide homes with the same level of protection for the water that people use daily for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Call our water treatment professionals at Rooter Man to find out more about how we can provide you with excellent water filtration services. We’ll determine if a reverse osmosis system is your ideal choice, and then install the unit and take care of any necessary services it may require in the future.

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How Reverse Osmosis Systems Work

Reverse osmosis filtration operates through the principle of creating two different areas of water pressure within plumbing. A whole–house reverse osmosis system is connected onto the fresh water pipes near where water initially enters a home. The water, which contains unwanted contaminants, enters a chamber and is placed under high pressure. An adjacent chamber is kept under low pressure; through the process of osmosis, the high pressure water will attempt to push into the lower pressure area to create equal osmotic pressure. However, the water must pass through a semi–permeable membrane first. Without the pressure difference, the water would not force its way through this membrane. As the water moves through the membrane, the large majority of contaminating particles are filtered out.

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the best ways to purify water in a home, removing more contaminants than any other form of filtration. A well–installed system will filter out salt, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, chromium, and many other potentially harmful chemicals and particles. However, make sure that you only hire a professional to handle the job of selecting and installing a reverse osmosis system for your home, or else you may end up reducing water flow.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Repairs and Maintenance

For a reverse osmosis system to run well for many years, it needs routine maintenance to remove the pollutants it catches and to see that the mechanical components are not wearing down. Like any mechanical system connected to your plumbing, the system may also require repairs if it begins to malfunction or even break down. Our water treatment specialists are available to keep your reverse osmosis filtration system working its best.

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At Rooter Man, we want you and your family to enjoy healthy water in your home and we are happy to provide you with the service to install a reverse osmosis system and keep it protecting your water for many years. Contact our specialists today to find out more about how you can receive purified water in your home.

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