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Water Testing in Albany, NY by Rooter Man

We live in an age when people want the best health conditions inside their homes as possible. This means homeowners have a greater awareness of the contamination that may enter into their fresh water supply. Poor quality water isn’t just unhealthy for people to drink; it can also damage plumbing and appliances. Although filtered pitchers and point-of-use water filtration devices can alleviate some water quality problems, they are still only minor solutions. The best way to ensure that a home has purified water is through installation of a whole-house water treatment system.

However, there are many types of water filters and purifiers available. Before you have one installed, you need to arrange for testing services from professionals to discover what contaminants are suspended in your home’s water. Our water treatment specialists at Rooter Man offer this service so that we can select the ideal system to clean your home’s water, protecting you, your family, and the plumbing system.

To schedule water testing in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas, call the water treatment experts at Rooter Man.

Why Schedule Water Testing?

Almost any home can have its water improved with the help of a water treatment system. There are some specific cases, however, where you will recognize that your home has specific and urgent issues with the water that must be identified and then eliminated.

Strange odors and tastes in your home’s drinking water are a major warning that something is wrong. Chemicals like chlorine and arsenic—common pollutants that enter municipal water supplies—create noticeable smells and unpleasant tastes. If you also detect an increase in illnesses in your home in connection with poor–tasting and bad–smelling water, you should call for water source testing services immediately.

If filmy deposits and white flaky substances start to appear on your fixtures, they often warn of hard water, which is extremely damaging for plumbing. Hard water also makes it difficult to work up a decent lather of soap, so if this is also a problem in your house, you should speak to our team.

If you receive your water from a ground well, rather than from a municipal source, it is vital for you to receive testing and water treatment. Numerous chemicals can sink through ground water and into a well, and you need to know what they are and what to do about them.

How Professional Water Testing Is Done

When you arrange for water testing services with Rooter Man, we will send over experienced professionals to your house who will take water samples from different locations in order to get a comprehensive overview of the water. These samples then go to a laboratory where technicians put them through a series of test to determine alkalinity levels, mineral content, the presence of bacteria, and traces of other harmful substances. It usually takes a week for the lab to return results. The professionals will then contact you with a list of the findings, along with the various remedies for them. They will recommend what water treatment installation will provide you with the cleanest water possible.

Call Us to Schedule Water Testing

We take water treatment seriously, and offer a wide range of water treatment systems, like water softeners and reverse osmosis water filtration. But we won’t know what to install for your home unless we test the water thoroughly. If you have any suspicions about the quality of your water, call Rooter Man and ask about our water treatment services. We will help schedule a convenient time to professionally test your water.

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