Watch for These Signs That You Have a Lime Scale Problem

Watch for These Signs That You Have a Lime Scale Problem


One of the most irritating things about plumbing problems is how difficult they are to detect. Oftentimes, homeowners won’t notice a problem until significant damage has already been done. The same is true for lime scale. For people who don’t know what to look for, lime scale can seem to appear suddenly and cause all sorts of problems. If you know what the signs are, though, you can identify a lime scale problem and have it treated before it becomes too serious. Let’s take a look at two of the major warning signs that you have a lime scale problem.

Calcium Deposits

Lime scale is a type of mineral deposit that contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. It’s a sort of white, chalky substance that builds up in areas with long-term hard water exposure. If your home has lime scale buildup, one of the first places you will notice it is in your shower and around your faucets. If you detect a white, chalky buildup in those areas, you should call a professional about lime scale treatment.

Decreasing Water Pressure

The main danger of lime scale is that it will build up in the plumbing pipes over time, slowly restricting the flow of water down to a trickle. If you notice that your water pressure is dropping, you should call for repairs sooner rather than later. If lime scale isn’t removed from the pipes in time, it can harden and become impossible to remove without damaging the pipes. So be sure to call for professional help if you notice the water pressure in your home dropping steadily.

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