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Signs That You Have a Hard Water Problem

Hard water is water with a very high magnesium and calcium content. This isn’t harmful to you, but it can be extremely harmful to your pipes. Hard water deposits small amounts of these minerals on the walls of the pipes as it flows through them. Over time, these deposits build up into lime scale. Lime scale restricts the flow of water through the pipes until it’s down to a trickle. If the scale isn’t cleaned out of the pipe in time, it will harden and the entire pipe will have to be replaced. This is why it is so important to catch lime scale early on, which is why you need to know the signs that you have a hard water problem.

Calcium Deposits

Have you noticed a white, chalky substance around your faucets or in your shower? Those are calcium deposits, which are more or less the same as lime scale. Hard water creates lime scale on any surface that is exposed to it over a long period of time. If you have those deposits around your faucets or in your shower, you almost certainly have them in your pipes.

Low Water Pressure

As mentioned above, lime scale’s biggest threat is that it restricts the flow of water through your pipes. If you experience a loss of water pressure, especially over a long period of time, it could mean that lime scale is forming in your pipes. Even if it isn’t lime scale, loss of water pressure is not a good sign. It’s a smart idea to schedule pipe inspection if you notice this happening.

If you have reason to suspect that you have a hard water problem, call Rooter Man. We offer a full range of water softener installation and repair services throughout Albany, NY.

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