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Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System

One of the biggest problems with keeping plumbing systems in good shape is that they are largely hidden from view. This makes detecting problems quite difficult, unless they have already progressed far enough to cause damage to the home. One of the biggest problems that can afflict your plumbing system is hard water. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you have hard water in your home, and that you need a water treatment system to fix it.


Hard water is harmful to your plumbing system because it deposits small amounts of minerals along the surfaces that are exposed to it. One of these minerals is calcium, which looks like a chalky white substance when in large amounts. If you notice this calcium residue in areas like your shower, or around your faucet heads, it is an almost certain indication that you have a hard water problem.

Loss of Water Pressure

If the mineral deposits, also known as “lime scale,” become severe enough they can seriously restrict the flow of water through the pipes in your home. If you start to notice that less and less water is coming out of your faucets over a period of time, it might be an indication that you have a hard water problem. You should act quickly after noticing this issue. If lime scale builds up far enough, it can be impossible to remove without replacing the entire pipe.

A water treatment system solves the hard water problem by filtering all water that flows into the home. Any minerals in the water are rendered harmless by the water softener, allowing you to have peace of mind while using your plumbing.

If you need a water treatment system, call Rooter Man. We serve the entire Troy, NY area.

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