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Water Softener Repair in Albany, NY by Rooter Man

Preventing hard water from entering your home is an important part of keeping the plumbing system in peak condition. The magnesium and calcium found in the minerals of hard water will leave limescale throughout plumbing and cause severe damage to pipes, fixtures, appliances, and even kitchenware. However, an effective whole-house water softener that receives professional installation will do an excellent job of counteracting the ions of hard water with sodium ions, providing you with gentler, “soft” water that will keep your plumbing healthy.

Like any powered mechanical appliance, a water softener system will sometimes require repair work from experienced technicians. Water softeners are complex devices, and you should never attempt to repair one on your own. Call the water treatment experts at Rooter Man and they will arrange for fast and effective repairs to remedy the problems with your home’s water softener.

Call the water treatment professionals at Rooter Man for water softener repair in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

Signs Your Water Softener May Need Repairs

A water softener may outwardly appear to be operating fine but still require professional attention. Here are a few things you should watch for that will tell you it’s time to call our team to check for repairs.

  • Water hardness is returning: If you can remember the time before you had a water softener installed, you will recognize signs that you are again dealing with hard water. Flaky white deposits on fixtures and trouble creating soap lather are two major warnings signs to look for.
  • A change in the water’s taste: The sodium ions that a softener puts into water will alter the water’s taste. Although hard water may not taste bad, it will taste different. As soon as the taste of the house’s water changes noticeably, look into possible problems with the water softener.
  • The softener runs continually: If the water softener seems to constantly run water through it, then a mechanical malfunction has probably caused it to become stuck in the softening phase. This is standard wear and tear, and may even indicate the softener is too old and should be replaced.
  • Water discoloration: If strange hues are appearing in your water, a possible cause is that chlorine from the municipal water supply is breaking down the resin inside the water softener, turning into to a liquid that is creating the discoloration. The softener will need repairs, and your technician may also advise you on installing a filtration system to remove the chlorine coming through the water main.

Should You Replace Your Water Softener?

Sometimes the best repair is to replace the entire water softener system. Older softeners can start to deteriorate and lose resin or their mechanical functions due to wear and tear. When you call for a professional technician to repair your water softener, ask about the viability of replacing the system rather than continuing with repairs. In some cases with aging water softeners, replacing the system is the more cost–effective solution.

Look to Rooter Man for Water Softener Repair Services

A water softener is an important part of the plumbing of a home that would otherwise suffer from hard water issues. Don’t allow your water softener to break down and for hard water to plague the pipes and fixtures in your home. Call our technicians at Rooter Man today.

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