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Water Softener Maintenance in Albany, NY by Rooter Man

If you depend on a professionally-installed water softener system to keep your water safe for your plumbing and appliances, you need to make sure that the softener is always working at its best. Water softeners are powered mechanical devices and can suffer from wear and tear that will cause them to break down early unless they receive routine maintenance service. They will also run out of the salt necessary to carry out their job if they are left without attention. Unless your water softener receives routine maintenance, it will not last long and you will have the extra expenditure of replacing it early.

Just as installing a residential water softener requires trained technicians familiar with water treatment systems, routine maintenance also requires professionals. Call Rooter Man today to arrange for the regular maintenance that will see your plumbing stays free from the troubles of hard water.

To schedule regular water softener maintenance in Albany, NY from trained technicians, contact the team at Rooter Man.

Why Does a Water Softener Need Regular Maintenance?

To understand the importance of routine maintenance for a water softener requires knowing a bit about how these appliances work. The softener runs water from the municipal supply through zeolite filters, which cause a mineral exchange: the zeolite minerals swap the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water for sodium ions. This negates the "hardness" of the water. However, this sodium does not come in an endless supply. On a regular basis, the zeolite minerals need to be recharged with sodium by receiving a soaking in a salt solution. This is one of the basic tasks of maintenance. If your house’s water starts to show signs of its hardness returning, you may need to have technicians recharge the sodium in the water softener.

Water softeners can also suffer from standard mechanical problems that will happen to any device if it endures enough stress. Worn–down mechanical parts in a water softener can cause it to become stuck in the softening cycle, wasting both power and the supply of sodium. Routine maintenance will keep the system cleaned and the effects of stress reduced so that the softener continues to operate and doesn’t drain power.

The Importance of Professional Water Softener Maintenance

Aside from the technical knowledge necessary to handle the mechanical components of water softeners, they also need regular professional services to make certain that they receive the correct kind of salt. If the wrong kind of salt is used to recharge the system, it can lead to permanent damage.

When you notice a change in your home’s water quality, or discover that your water softener has become stuck in one part of its cycle, call for our maintenance technicians right away. After they take care of any necessary repairs, they can tell you how often you should schedule maintenance for the system, and also guide you through simple steps you can take on your own during the year. Some softeners will benefit from only a single visit a year, while others should have the work done quarterly.

We Offer Water Softener Maintenance

The team at Rooter Man specializes in water treatment system services for Albany and the surrounding areas. We have extensive experience with water softeners, so call us if you want to sign up for routine maintenance to keep your water softener running all year protecting your plumbing.

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