Ensuring a Great Performance from Your Septic Tank in Albany, NY

Ensuring a Great Performance from Your Septic Tank in Albany, NY


A lot of homes are connected to a municipal sewer system, meaning that the liquid and solid waste leaving those homes via their drain and sewer lines is carried to the municipal sewage system. Other homes, though, do not benefit from such a connection. In this event, a septic tank in Albany, NY is used. If you use a septic tank on your property, then that septic tank is under your jurisdiction, so to speak, just as the section of sewer line on any other homeowners’ properties is under theirs.

A septic tank is fairly simple in concept. The realities of servicing a septic tank, though, are a far cry from simple. Waste from your home is delivered to the septic tank. Solid waste, or sludge, collects at the bottom of the tank, while grease and oils rise to the top and form the scum. Water drains from the septic tank into a drainfield, while compartments and screens prevent the scum and sludge from exiting the tank and corrupting your property.

Needless to say, it is necessary that your septic tank be installed by a trained professional if you hope for it to function properly. Only a septic tank professional can ensure that the excavation is completed safely, that your tank is integrated into your plumbing system successfully, and that you are not in danger of contaminating your property with sewage. Routine septic pumping is a must to ensure that your tank does not overflow, which can cause an extremely unpleasant situation to develop. Your septic tank technician will pump your system for you and also note the levels within that system in your maintenance paperwork, determining the frequency with which the service ought to be completed.

Even so, you may encounter problems with your septic system. If you do, contact Rooter Man immediately. No matter what issues you are up against, and no matter how serious the problem may be, our staff is here to ensure that you get the quality performance that you demand from your septic tank in Albany.

In order to guarantee that you get a great performance from your septic tank, call the professional plumbers at Rooter Man.

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