Signs That You Have a Sewer Problem

Signs That You Have a Sewer Problem


Your sewer system is designed so that you don’t have to interact with it, or rather, so that it doesn’t interact with you. You dispose of waste, the sewer system carries it away, and that’s the last you have to think of it. A side effect of that design is that it can sometimes be difficult to detect when your sewer system is experiencing problems. Fortunately, if you know what to look for you can discover sewer problems before they become too big. Read on for more info.

Bad Smells

Part of your sewer system includes a vent, usually located on the roof, which offers an escape for sewer gases. That way, they don’t end up floating into your home. If the vent becomes blocked, though, like from a bird’s nest or windblown debris, it can force the sewer gases back into your home. This often manifests as horrible smells coming from the drains in your home. If you have horrible smells coming out of your drains, especially multiple different drains around your house, you might have a sewer problem.


Backflow is when a sudden change in pressure sucks waste water back up through your plumbing and into your house. This is a huge problem, as it contaminates the pipes used for clean water. After a backflow incident, the whole plumbing system has to be cleaned out and sanitized. Most homes are required by the municipal governments to have backflow prevention devices installed to prevent this kind of problem. However, if the one-way valve in your backflow preventer becomes stuck, it cannot prevent backflow from happening. If you are having sewer water flow up through your drains, call a professional right way.

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