Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Necessary

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Necessary


You’ve probably seen the commercials about store-bought drain cleaners. You may have even used one or two of them. They do work, at least well enough to get rid of the typical clog. So, why then is professional drain cleaning necessary at all? There are actually a wide range of benefits to using professional drain cleaning services. Read on to find out why professional drain cleaning is necessary.

Store Bought Cleaners

There are a number of issues with store-bought drain cleaners. First and foremost, these kinds of drain cleaners are highly corrosive. That is simply how they work, eating away at the material that makes up the clog. The problem with that is that the chemicals that most of these cleaners use are so corrosive that they actually damage the pipes that they flow through. You’ll get rid of the clog, but you’ll also weaken the pipe itself.

The other issue with store bought cleaners is that they aren’t all that thorough. Pouring a fair amount of acid on the clog will get rid of enough of it to let water flow through the pipe again, but it won’t completely remove the waste buildup. That means that it will be easier for a clog to form again at that same location.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning doesn’t use corrosive chemical agents to clear drains. At least, not if you have a contractor worth their salt. Instead, high-pressure water streams and augers are used to clean out the pipe without damaging it. These methods work great as both preventive and reactive measures, allowing them to keep your drains in the best possible shape.

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