Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning


Your drains are a very important part of your home plumbing system. Without them, any waste water or other liquid you wanted to get rid of would have to be taken out by hand. Despite their importance, however, drains are often neglected when it comes to maintenance issues like cleaning. In fact, it often takes a fully developed clog for homeowners to finally call a plumber to take care of a drain. This mild neglect results in a lot of damage being dealt to the drains in your home. The faster you can identify a need for drain cleaning, the more damage you can prevent. Let’s take a look at the signs that you need drain cleaning.

Slow Drainage

Clogs are not sudden things. They do not form all at once. Rather, they are formed slowly, by waste sticking to the inner walls of the drainpipe and building towards the center. As the waste builds closer and closer towards the center, it will restrict the flow of water through the pipe. This is one of the first warning signs that your drain is developing a clog. If you notice your drain draining more slowly, it’s time to schedule professional drain cleaning.

Bad Smells

This is more common in kitchen drains, though it can occur in other drains as well. Bad smells coming from the drain could mean that either something is stuck in the pipe, or that sewer gas is coming back up through the system. The latter cause will require more in-depth repair, but the former can be addressed by thorough drain cleaning. In kitchen drains, these bad smells are often caused by oils and grease that solidify in the drain pipe. Some hydro jet cleaning should be more than enough to get rid of them and the smells they create.

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