The Tools Used for Professional Drain Cleaning

The Tools Used for Professional Drain Cleaning


In stores, you’ve likely seen drain cleaning chemicals whose labels promise to deliver results, removing clogs and restoring slow drains to their rightful state. But plumbers never trust these types of cleaners for a professional drain cleaning service. Taking care of a stopped or slow-moving drain can seem urgent, especially when you can’t make use of your shower or your kitchen and bathroom sinks, so you may rush out to find a solution at your local grocery or hardware store. However, these drain cleaners can be ineffective and even dangerous. Most cannot dissolve common sources of clogging, and they are toxic to the skin and eyes.

Instead, professionals use high quality plumbing tools, some of which are described below. When you need professional drain cleaning service to take preventive action against clogs or to rid your drains of persistent blockage, call the experts at Rooter Man.

  • Drain Snakes – If you have a tough clog in your pipes, you need tough equipment to get it out. Some of the most effective equipment for removing blockage of all kinds is a drain snake. Drain snakes, also known as drain augers, come in many different shapes and sizes, and they may be motorized or hand-cranked. A long wire with a coiled end is snaked through the pipe to catch onto blockage and pull it back through the drain. Or, the end may come to a point so it can break up debris which can then move down the drains with ease.
  • Hydro Jetting – Hydro jetting involves the use of a long hose which can move through your plumbing system and blast away much of the “sludge” and debris that often clings to the lining of the drainpipe. This blasts water at a very high pressure, and it can help to prevent blockage from reoccurring.
  • Inspection Equipment – It would be irresponsible for your technician to leave your home before ensuring that the drains were clean and clear. Before and after drain cleaning, your technician will check your drainpipes using video or audio detecting equipment.

You can use professional drain cleaning service for preventive measures or if you’d like to target a particular clog.

Contact us today for quality drain cleaning service in Albany NY. Rooter Man’s technicians carry all of the tools for inspection, cleaning, and clog prevention.

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