When Is the Time for Sewer Cleaning in Glen Falls, NY?

When Is the Time for Sewer Cleaning in Glen Falls, NY?


Nobody really wants to think about what happens to the waste that moves down the drains of their homes or businesses. Once you use the garbage disposal, take a shower, or flush the toilet, you certainly don’t consider that your drains may not do an adequate job of bringing this wastewater to the sewer system. Unfortunately, as you may well know, drains can become clogged as grease, soap scum, and other debris build up over time. And when the clog forms in your main sewer line, the problem needs immediate attention.

Clear out your sewer line or take preventive action against clogs by calling the professional plumbers at Rooter Man for regular sewer cleaning service.

All of the drainpipes in your home or business lead down to a main sewer line. You are responsible for the sewer line on your property, so it’s important to do all you can to take care of it. If sewage were to back up onto your property, this would be costly, messy, and aggravating. Of course, this would be one situation in which sewer cleaning is necessary.

But you should also schedule sewer cleaning if you want to protect your home plumbing system from major clogs and the potential for raw sewage to seep through the drains. Scheduling drain and sewer cleaning before a major clog is the best way to make sure your pipes are protected. The highest quality drain professionals use high-powered hydro jetting, which involves a thin hose that blasts water at a high pressure into the pipes, so that any stuck-on sludge gets blasted away.

A quality plumber will begin any sewer or drain cleaning job by thoroughly inspecting the pipes. In some cases, this means employing the use of highly accurate video inspection equipment. A plumber feeds a fiber optic cable into the drain line and views a video feed, which can help to locate major clogs and even leaks. It takes a qualified plumber, however, to really recognize what is displayed.

The professional technicians at Rooter Man use video inspection equipment as well as hydro jets for sewer cleaning in Glen Falls, NY. Give our team of expert plumbers a call today.

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