How Often to Have Your Backflow Prevention Device Checked

How Often to Have Your Backflow Prevention Device Checked


Have you ever had tepid, foul-smelling water bubble up out of your drains while you were washing your hands, or taking a shower? If not, you probably have your backflow prevention device to thank for sparing you the trouble. Most homes in the country contain backflow prevention devices, thanks to city ordinances that mandate it. If you don’t have your backflow prevention device maintained often enough, though, it isn’t going to do you much good. Let’s take a look at backflow prevention, and how often you should have your device checked.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow is when sewer water flows back up into your plumbing, due to a sudden change in pressure between the plumbing system and the sewer system. This contaminates pipes that are designed to only handle fresh water, creating a biohazard until they can be flushed out completely. A backflow prevention device is designed to prevent this from happening, typically by using a one-way valve that snaps closed whenever water starts flowing the wrong way. Though simple, this solution is normally quite effective at preventing backflow from harming the plumbing in the home. The device needs to be maintained to remain effective, however.


Over time, waste can build up around the backflow prevention valve. If it isn’t cleaned out at least once a year, the valve may fail to close properly in the event of backflow. You won’t be able to tell that your backflow prevention device is not working until backflow actually occurs, at which point it will be too late. Be sure to have a professional plumber examine your backflow prevention device at least once a year, to make sure that it is working as intended.

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