How to Detect Plumbing Leaks in Your Home

How to Detect Plumbing Leaks in Your Home


One of the biggest issues related to your home’s plumbing system is leaks. Leaks can vary pretty widely in terms of severity, from small pinhole leaks to enormous ruptures. Regardless of the size, though, they still present a threat to your system. Detecting a leak in your plumbing system before it can cause a lot of damage is pretty difficult. If you know what to look for, however, you can catch plumbing leaks fairly early. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can discover plumbing leaks before they become larger problems.

Drops in Water Pressure

Water pressure drops can be caused by blockages, as well as leaks, so this isn’t an entirely foolproof method for detecting leaks. However, if your water pressure is noticeably dropping it definitely indicates a need for professional services. More often than not, there is a sizeable leak somewhere in the system that is siphoning away a large amount of water. You should likely turn off your water and call for repairs immediately if you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, as it could indicate a large rupture in the system.

Higher Water Bills

You should always keep an eye on your water bills, in case of sudden unexplained spikes in month-to-month costs. If your water bills do seem to suddenly spike for no apparent reason, it is certainly possible that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Similarly, turning off all the water appliances in your home and watching the water meter can help identify leaks. If your water meter is still running, you likely have a leak. Call for repairs as soon as you notice either of these indications.

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