How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes


Frozen pipes are quite possibly one of the biggest plumbing issues to worry about during the winter. While pipe ruptures are fairly rare during other parts of the year, during the winter they become far more common thanks to the water inside them freezing and expanding. If you want to protect your home’s pipes from freezing this winter, you should take steps to prepare. Read on to find out how to defend against frozen pipes.

Empty the System

The pipes at the most risk of freezing are those without proper insulation. That means external pipes and those in areas like the basement. If you aren’t planning on using a particular pipe during the winter, especially if it’s located in a drafty area, cut off from the flow of water to that pipe and open the faucet. This drains most of the water left in the pipe out of the system. The bit of water left will not be able to expand enough to rupture the pipe.

Insulate Pipes You Still Need to Use

Some pipes that are prone to freezing, such as those under your sink, are still probably going to be used throughout the winter. You obviously can’t just shut off the water to those pipes, so you’ll have to consider other options. You can insulate these pipes using individual insulation sleeves, which you can find online or at most hardware stores. If you’re on a budget, wrapping towels around the pipes can also protect them from cold temperatures. Every little bit helps, when it comes to protecting your pipes against freezing temperatures. Just remember to call for repairs as soon as you have reason to suspect that a pipe is in danger of freezing. The faster you get it looked at, the better.

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