Signs Your Water Line Is in Trouble

Signs Your Water Line Is in Trouble


Your water line is the pipe that runs from the city water main to your home’s plumbing system. All the water that you use every day, all year-round, is transported through the water line. So keeping your water line in good shape is kind of a big deal, if you want the rest of your plumbing system to continue working properly. There are a few signs that your water line might be in trouble. Let’s take a look at those signs now, so that you know when to call for repairs.

Odd Pools

The water line runs underneath your home to get to your plumbing system. So if it springs a leak, the water escaping the line will end up traveling upwards until it’s eventually aboveground. For most people, this manifests as strange pools showing up in their back or front yards. If you are having strange pools of water show up in your yard, it may be because you have a leak in your water line.

Loss of Water Pressure

This is always a huge warning sign that something is wrong with your pipes. It could be because of a pipe rupture, or a large blockage, but something is definitely wrong with your plumbing system either way. If the water pressure loss seems to be localized to just one part of the plumbing system, then you probably don’t have anything wrong with your water line. If the pressure loss affects the entire home, though, then you should have a professional examine your water line for you just to be sure. Water line problems can have drastic effects on the rest of the plumbing system, so make sure you call for repairs as soon as you suspect a problem.

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