Stop Putting These 3 Things Down Your Garbage Disposal!

Stop Putting These 3 Things Down Your Garbage Disposal!


Garbage disposals are great at what they do. So much so that they’ve become more or less ubiquitous. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a kitchen in this country that doesn’t have one. While most of us use garbage disposals quite often, however, far too few of us know how to keep them in good shape. Garbage disposals are not invincible systems, and need to be protected from certain things if they are to survive for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at three things you need to stop putting down your garbage disposal in order to keep it healthy.


It’s a common misconception that ice, coffee grounds, or egg shells are actually beneficial for the garbage disposal. The assumption is that these materials will scour any waste from the walls of the disposal, helping it to be more efficient. What they will actually do is wear down the impeller much faster. In the case of ice, the impeller can actually be broken by trying to grind it up. So don’t put ice or similar materials down the disposal.

Fibrous Vegetables

Most veggies are perfectly find to put down the garbage disposal. However, there are a few exceptions. Things like celery, pumpkin, onion skin, and potato skin should not be put down the garbage disposal, as they are too fibrous. As the impeller tries to break these materials up, the fiber can actually tangle it and cause it to break down. So be sure to throw the tougher veggies in the trash when you’re done with them if you want to keep your garbage disposal running properly.

Bones and Pits

This might seem obvious, but your garbage disposal really isn’t designed to deal with super hard materials like bones or fruit pits. If you want to break your garbage disposal, things like these are almost a surefire way to do it. Throw the harder stuff away.

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