How to Improve the Taste of Your Water

How to Improve the Taste of Your Water


Few things are as disappointing as a cold glass of water that tastes foul. While we may agree that one’s tastes are subjective at best, there are common signs that indicate a need for water treatment. Bad-tasting water often indicates other issues as well, those that could affect your health and well-being, as well as those of your family.

To abate this situation, many homeowners have chosen to purchase portable jugs with disposal carbon filters. While decent, these systems cannot compare to whole-house water treatment or even professionally installed point-of-use units.

Step 1: Have your water tested.

There are relatively few instances where someone could discern what’s wrong with the water just by looking at it. (Though, if your water supply has a tint to it, that should not be ignored!) For that reason, a professional water testing service is the first step towards ensuring that you wind up with a powerful and effective solution. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your water, how will you fix it?

Step 2: Invest in a quality water treatment system.

While faucet and jug filtration units are commonly used, they are simply insufficient. They do not capture many of the fine particles that you may want to eliminate should you have foul-tasting water, and they do virtually nothing for biological contaminants. If it’s simply a matter of high mineral content coursing through your plumbing system, then you may want to consider a water softener, which displaces those troublesome ions with sodium or potassium ones.

Step 3: Maintain your water treatment system.

No, protecting your water is a not really a job that ends, though it does get substantially easier with a whole-house water treatment system. Stay alert to any changes to your water supply and make sure that you refer the issue to a pro plumber.

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