Which Water Treatment System Is Best for You

Which Water Treatment System Is Best for You


Before water is pumped into your home, it goes through an extensive treatment process at a municipal water processing facility. This process removes the majority of harmful substances from your water. However, the process is not 100% effective. There are still all kinds of harmful substances that can make it into your home after escaping the treatment process. The best way to deal with these substances is to have a water treatment system installed in your home. Read on for a brief outline of a couple of the most popular water treatment systems on the market today, and their comparative advantages.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

A reverse osmosis system forces all water that enters the home through a very thin membrane in the device. The membrane is thin enough to allow water to continue flowing into the home, but it prevents the majority of waterborne contaminants from entering the plumbing system. A reverse osmosis system is a great way to get rid of the majority of elements like magnesium, lead, and arsenic in your water.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are designed to address a very specific problem in homes across the country: hard water. Hard water is water with a very high calcium and magnesium content, which causes lime scale to form in the pipes of your home over time. Lime scale restricts the flow of water through the pipes, making your plumbing system less and less efficient. Water softeners protect your home by neutralizing the magnesium and calcium molecules in the water, usually through ion exchange. This softens the water before it enters your home, and helps to keep your plumbing pipes in good condition.

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